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☆ 雨の詩 ☆
  " Hang in there , Do you want to die here?! survivors are the victors , right?! DON'T DIE! OPEN YOUR EYES! That's right , we're going to survive "
Happy 7th of September (No.6 Day) | Nezumi saving Shion Vs Shion saving Nezumi __ I'm glad I met you!


Flowers at Tokyo Disneyland!! :)

REIGISA - Free! Eternal Summer 11


I have too many feels for this ship.


Source: Free!ES 11話感想+宗凛漫画 (Free! ES 11 Thoughts and Sourin Manga) by 佐倉ひつじ
Translation: aitaikimochi
Notes: This is exactly what I imagined Sousuke’s inner thoughts to be like regarding Rin going to Australia again. Please give the artists stars if you enjoyed this ☆☆〜!!!

Get in loser, we’re going to Australia!

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waiting for the King


Interesting meaning for pinky pair rings in Japan as explained by Japanese fans lol:

A[Wearing a pair ring on] the pinky finger symbolizes ‘chance’ or ‘secrets.’ For example, it is usually worn to calm the heart in case of unforeseen changes. It also symbolizes a protection of love and holds power to fulfill your wishes. The pair ring can be a symbol of a love that will start for the two of them, and it really fits them perfectly! SouRin~!!!

B) Wearing the pair ring on your right pinky finger represents the power of being charming. For example, wearing it might imply that you would like people to notice your own charms.

Wearing the pair ring on your left fingers means that you want your wishes to come true and the left pinky is the best finger to protect it. It can also help aid you when you are looking for a lover or to protect you from dissatisfaction with your present condition.

C) Basically, congratulations on your marriage, Sourin? Pinky rings can also mean a promise of marriage perhaps? For example, *I want to stand on the International Stage with you too, so please wait for me* or something like if Sousuke were to get his shoulder cured at some far away place, I vow to return back to stand by your side. In either scenario, this is really too sexy for words…